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How to scale Corona Tests capacity using Computer Algorithm theory?

Current Corona pandemic is world wide problem and every country is facing this as their primary issue. I would like to suggest something which may help and could be tested to scale Corona tests capacity in multifold. Disclaimer – This is just theoretical proposition, medical experts need to look at this from medical point of […]


What is Strategy?

Strategy is word derived from ancient Greek word “Strategos”. It meant – “Art of the general”. Strategy is initially closely related to military. You may have already read “Art of War” from Sun Tzu, a chinese military strategist from 500BC. One of the famous lines of Sun Tzu, Know yourself, know your opponents, encounter a […]


How to make meetings effective & efficient?

Half of all business meetings are considered a waste of time due to wrong agenda for meeting and improper management of meetings. Most employees attend multiple meetings which are really not necessary in first place & can be easily replaced by emails or quick conversations. Harvard Business Review reports that 15 percent of an organization’s […]


Error while building your first Android application?

Are you trying to build your first android application? And stuck at first step while running build? If you manage to install Android SDK & excited to start building your first application & damn , here is your first error for just build empty project with welcome screen on empty activity. If error says, “unsupported […]