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12 Surya Namaskar movement

Surya Namaskar in detail. Read to know more! The first step towards Building Bharat is to strengthen our people. Suryanamaskar is best way to build your inner strength and physical strength. Every morning, everyone must do 12 suryanamaskar and teach your kids also to do same. It may not be possible to do 12 in […]


Lessons learned about living successful life

Many times life teach us a lesson which either make us or break us. These lessons could be about anything like lifestyle habits, professional, educational, spiritual, mind, relations, finance or health. We feel very enlightened whenever such situations come and we agree to ourselves that we have learned that lesson and change in future and […]


How to scale Corona Tests capacity using Computer Algorithm theory?

Current Corona pandemic is world wide problem and every country is facing this as their primary issue. I would like to suggest something which may help and could be tested to scale Corona tests capacity in multifold. Disclaimer – This is just theoretical proposition, medical experts need to look at this from medical point of […]