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12 Surya Namaskar movement

Surya Namaskar in detail. Read to know more! The first step towards Building Bharat is to strengthen our people. Suryanamaskar is best way to build your inner strength and physical strength. Every morning, everyone must do 12 suryanamaskar and teach your kids also to do same. It may not be possible to do 12 in […]


My sincere appeal to all Indians in Fight Against Corona

Dear Indians, My sincere appeal to everyone. Please follow all guidelines given by Government health authorities. Keep your hatred towards Modi aside for now in this time of urgency. So far, government have been handling corona outbreak successfully. Modi can’t do it alone, we all need to do our part. Be responsible and Avoid social […]


Confidence is your greatest asset

Running a marathon or Endurance cycling race is far more mental than physical. A person’s ability to run a marathon—or do anything hard—is more a reflection of their level of confidence than their actual ability. Your confidence determines: The size of challenges/goals you undertake How likely you will achieve those goals How well you bounce […]


Never let off the pressure

Most people can handle pressure in small doses. But when left to their own devices, they let off the pressure and relax. Not you. You never take the pressure off yourself. Instead, you continuously turn-up the pressure. It’s what keeps you alert and active.