Amit Chougule

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Chanakya – Human can gain benefit from every creature.

Acharya Chanakya  says that every creature has some special qualities from which a human can gain benefit. Below, are a few:

  • Lion: teaches to perform actions wholeheartedly and not  to relax until successful accomplishment of the task.
  • Crane: teaches man to focus and concentrate over the task and act instantaneously upon requirement.
  • Cock:to rise early in the morning, being ready to defend and attack, grabbing ones share and sharing with other.
  • Crow:makes love privately, does not get scared easily, collects things for use in future. is always alert and never trusts anyone.
  • Dog:It can go without food for a while but when finds can overeat in moments. Is alert even in sleep and wakes with slightest sound. It is loyal and fights ferociously when defending his master.
  • Donkey: It works tirelessly and even in harsh whether conditions.

* Chanakya says that any man acquiring those qualities cannot face failure under any circumstance.

Chanakyaniti is rules to live by. Chanakya niti outline the guideline about how to behave in different scenarios. You can read all chapters of Chanakyaniti here