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Google Web Designer – Free HTML 5 design tool

Google once again proved its excellence. Google launching a beta Free HTML 5 design tool – Google Web Designer. Now you can design your Ads , Email Campaigns, Web pages  designs in HTML 5. With this tool you can create engaging designs very easily which can run on any devices. Now everything you create is accessible on any device – desktop, tablet, mobile without any compatibility issues.

Google Web Designer

Focus on Design only

Google Web Designer will take care of all the HTML5 and CSS3. You don’t need to worry about any of coding issues to make your beautiful design compatible with all devices. This gives you freedom to your imagination to create gorgeous visual experiences. Google Web Designer gives your imagination wings to do amazing designs freely.

 Smart with Codes? its all yours

If you are smart geek with codes, all the HTML5  code is easily editable, You can use both ways to give your designs another dimensions. If at all its restricted then only by your imagination. You get all freedom to go beyond imagination with Google Designer Tool.

Do you like this, read the getting started guide. Google would appreciate your feedback here.

Let’s create something new. Post comment here to showcase your HTML5 designs with Google Web Designer.