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Simple Social Media Marketing Strategies

Simple Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Simple Social Media Marketing Strategies for medium businesses who are launching their social media marketing campaign for first time. You have business online or not. In todays world, Social media marketing plays immense role in Marketing & Advertisements. For your business, I am writing few simple social media marketing strategies which could increase your online presence & promotions significantly. These are very simple & basic social media marketing strategies which doesn’t require any top-notch technical knowledge. If you just follow these strategies & keep consistency, you can substantial growth in your business. You can also contact me for suggestions on developing your Social Media Marketing strategies.

Before we begin, you need to have your marketing material & good quality media for promotions.

  • Facebook : a new marketing strategy – Today, Facebook is not only a social networking  site, its most effective marketing tool for any  business. It offers some of the amazing features  which no other TV or Print media provides for  marketing. Internet has provided a big platform for small or medium or big companies providing products or services. Now Facebook is not just social network . It is biggest medium to reach directly to customers actively. Facebook currently have more than 1.15 billion subscribers from all over the world. You can segment your target audience for marketing easily with their interest, hobbies, geographic location, gender, & so many other categories. This is way better than any other media. For small business, they can easily keep customers engaged, updated with current information, news, new products or services, brand awareness & with so many other things. For more details, you can read this article – Facebook : a new marketing strategy

  • Write a Blog – another must have thing in social media marketing is a blog. write something about your business, industry, niche sector & anything which you feel your customers would love to read about. If you have fishing related business, may be your customers want to read about different fishing techniques or if you have restaurant , your customers would love to read your recipees. Remember, people search everything on google. When you write a blog, it gives you more exposure on google. When customers search for some things which are related to your business, it more likely that you could appear on google results with the help of these blogs. Try to write about how to  solve customers general queeries, simple problems in industry with possible solution. This is continuous process. You have to keep blogging to create a good collection of articles which in time will show returns. Frequency is very important, you don’t want to irritate your customers daily neither loose them by long gap in posts.

  • Share Social Buttons – Use plugins & tools for adding social buttons to share content of your website on different social media platforms like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest etc. This buttons will help your visitors to like your content & share it on their accounts, pages, walls. Place this buttons in right place, such as below your article title, at end of page or in sidebars.

  • Use social reviews to automate word of mouth – There are so many competitive e-commerce websites where people can buy their products. When customer have a choice, they most likely to buy it from more reliable shop. Unlike regular shops or boutiques, In Online shop, the customer’s experience & confidence is comletely dependent on how comfortable he feels on website. For first time customer, they prefer to buy from such online shop where other customers say good things about services & products. Till date, Mouth publicity is greatest marketing tool ever. For online shops its in form of feedbacks & reviews. As per survery done recently, A third party feedback’s & reviews helps to build confidence in customer which in turn increases conversion. For more details, you can read this article – Boost your sales using customers Verified Reviews

  • Youtube & Vine – creating & sharing amazing videos on youtube & vine could give a viral promotion for your business. People love watching video’s & morever they like small videos. Youtube is worlds biggest video platform. Vine is recently becoming very popular as it provides app to create a small videos of 6-7 seconds, That’s amazing. You can use your creativity to catch customers mind in few seconds.
  • Email marketing – Collect your customers or possible customers email addresses & launch an email campaign. You can reach out to more customers with this but remember this can go wrong if you spam your customers inbox with many emails. Schedule a newsletter every week or daily as per your business, & see your customers will keep visiting you again & again.

These are very simple social media marketing strategies for your small businesses. Once you start promoting your business, then you can analyze which channel is giving you best results & optimize your strategies accordingly. If you need any assistance in your online marketing strategy planning & execution feel free to contact me.