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Lessons learned about living successful life

Many times life teach us a lesson which either make us or break us. These lessons could be about anything like lifestyle habits, professional, educational, spiritual, mind, relations, finance or health. We feel very enlightened whenever such situations come and we agree to ourselves that we have learned that lesson and change in future and […]


Always be prepared to act on instinct

Become a master of your field. While everyone else is relaxing, you’re practicing and perfecting. Learn the left-brained rules in and out so your right brain can have limitless freedom to break the rules and create. Remember, Practice Makes Man Perfect.  When you have prepared to face any kind of situation, your mind can react […]


Group Etiquette – 9 things that make a group active

Group Etiquette are some of important skills that one need to learn in todays world of WhatsApp and other messenger apps and social media. I received this message on WhatsApp so not sure who put these together but I really like the content. There are 9 things that make a group active and keep harmony […]


Life Lessons – Soft answers remove anger, Rough words raise rage

One night a snake… while it was looking for food, entered a carpenter’s workshop. The carpenter, who was a rather untidy man, had left several of his tools lying on the floor. One of them was a saw. As the snake went round and round the shop, he climbed over the saw, which gave him […]