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Take Self Assessment Test – What is your Personality Style?



People’s personalities have different styles. Each person have his own individual personality. We are classifying these personality styles in four distinct styles. Based on answers you gave, we will show you which is your dominating style of personality. Everyone possesses the four value orientations. People have a dominant value orientation or a value orientation they feel more comfortable with. The importance of the value orientations changes according to the situations in which peple are involved. Value orientations are influenced by

  1. The personality of the individual
  2. His or her cultural background
  3. Past experiences
  4. Present situations

Each individual has the capability to switch from one Value orientation to another. However, it has been shown, that when a crisis occurs, most individuals switch back to the value orientations they are most used to. People with even scores have to chose the style they feel is more relevant for themselves. Even scores mean that people have already some flexibility in shifting from one style to another. They can alo appear as confusing to other people.

I came to know about this test while my masters by My. John Harper, Professor of IESEG School of Management, Lille, France. I really appreciate his support to make this test available online. This test will take 5-10 minutes maximum but will help you to understand your personality.

To give this test click here.  You need to register before taking test (you can register with your facebook account.)