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Bienvenue à la vie en Europe….


     Hey friends , I have started this new blog to share my experiences in France. This is first time I am travelling abroad. Till now I have gone through many funny, stupid, dangerous, interesting, exciting & memorable moments in France. I would love to share this journey with you all. I would also try to collect some travel tips & suggestions where I made stupid mistakes. Yup , doing  mistake is another way of learning. But frankly, this is very exciting experience till now. I am trying to do one more difficult thing – learning French language. Really, Its being difficult for me but slowly I am progressing, thanks to my french teacher – Margetts Dorathee …. The different techniques she applied to teach french , I felt like I am in kinder garden but those small games turned to be very useful for understanding meaning of french words & sentences.

Life is like flowing in its high momentum. Almost Everyday I am learning new things, exploring different things. Europe’s life is surprising in every occasions . Many myths are clear now. The perception I had about Europe is changing slowly. People, language, nature & culture of Europe is very rich, one can spend his full life in understanding it & still feels like something left. I love traveling, I try to spend most of my free time just exploring my city Lille.  Beautiful architecture enriches the ambiance in City.

Well but the main reason which bring me here is the most challenging & exciting i.e. MIB – Master in International Business in IESEG school of management. I was very confused while confirming my decision to choose this school for higher studies. But now I can say I took very perfect decision & this is going to change my life. Diverse class environment, international crowd in campus, enthusiastic International Club ( thanks for lot of trips & parties), Excellent teaching staff & my all new friends are just awesome….. I will specially thanks to all our professors till now – Rodolfo Helg, Tim Lyons, Antonio Giangreco, Stepanyn Grohar, John Harper, Elias Hadzilias & specially our co-ordinator Lucile Gendre, Helene Guinard, Corallee  , you all give us big boost in start of program , & I am sure everyone will keep this enthusiasm till end of course.

Where Baguette , croissant & turkey n  all tasty dishes makes me feel hungry, still I miss my mom’s food. There is nothing in this world can be compare with that. I miss my mom, brother, dad, my all friends in kolhapur & my sweet lucky n pilya . I miss the time we used to spent on rankala, I miss the walking on mahadwar road without any reasons, I miss tea & pohe on stand or gangavesh in mid night, I miss kolhapuri misal with sidepav, I miss tambada pandhara, I miss vada pao, I miss my kolhapuri marathi, I miss all my life back in India. Sometimes to earn something , you have to pay something. But atleast I have those memories with me. I will come back …..I will come back changed…. A new Amit will return after proving in out here deadly competing world….But still in my heart , I can not change, I am that same kolhapuri boy ……….. Till then I would love to take you all through my experience of lifetime in Europe…….. Bienvenue à la vie en Europe


  1. ashok shankarrao chougule says:

    very nice

    our all best wishes to your blog

    let me know, how the blog work


  2. Mayur Sontakke says:


    A good start!!! Keep blogging and updating us about your life out there….

    tout le meilleur!!!

  3. Rahul says:

    all the best bhava….keep sharing your experiences..!!!

    keep sharing..!! keep snoring…! 😉